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This coffee tastes so good we had to release it twice in one year! Our fresh shipment of Ana Sora, the undisputed fan favourite, is gushing with the fruitiness of a mixed berry pie filling. While its signature qualities remain on full display, there's always subtle differences with each harvest. This most recent crop displays a very delicate – dare we say, elegant – mouth feel that will keep your lips close to your cup.

This is also a very fresh delivery. We wasted no time getting Ana Sora into the lineup, and the journey from harvest, to cargo ship, to roasting room has been prompt. Its extremely bold and vibrant flavour will not go unnoticed.

The Ana Sora farms and washing station are owned by Israel Degfa – one of just a few private owners in Ethiopia’s celebrated Guji Zone. His heirloom cherries are grown at very high altitude which slows maturation and creates transcendent cup complexity.