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Puebla represents not only the name of this up-and-coming growing region in Eastern Mexico, but it’s also the name of the exporting company who are on a mission to create more access to high-quality coffees from their territory.

Puebla Coffees purchase their cherries from local small-scale farmers for processing at their wet mill. We acquired this lot with the help of Cafe Imports who have been integral in creating market access for high-quality producers in this area.

The cooler temperatures and impressive elevation in Puebla create a microclimate perfectly suited to coffee production. Although Puebla hasn't received notoriety for its coffee historically, there are many small producers that have yet to be recognized for their quality cultivation and harvesting.

For those who enjoyed our Bella Vista release, you’ll be extremely happy with Puebla. It’s a rich and fascinating cup that will strengthen your appreciation for Mexican specialty coffee.