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The Pacas family is a renowned specialty coffee dynasty, so it’s an honour to call them Direct Trade partners and represent them in our lineup. La Guachoca is no different; found at the volcanic foothills of the Apaneca Ilamatepec mountain range, the farm is named after the Guachoca bird that is native to the region. 

What makes La Guachoca special is its incredibly fertile soil which is amplified by the Pacas family’s conservation practices. The soil is full of nutrient-rich volcanic rock and fortified with organic matter. Native izote plants, shade trees, and more recently, native endangered tree species can also be found throughout the estate. This harmonious mix of agriculture promotes biodiversity, prevents soil erosion, and allows the coffee cherries to slowly develop complexity.

This lot is a beautiful, clean fully washed bourbon. The cherries were handpicked, pulped, fermented for 12 hours then dried on brick patios. In the cup, expect a true medium roast with a pleasant caramel profile and smooth finish. Another masterful offering from El Salvador’s finest.