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The Roasted Nut was created out of a need for something different - for snacks that please both your taste buds and health. We believe you shouldn’t have to choose between flavour and nutrition, so we’ve taken small batch innovation and merged it with nature’s snacking staple. The result? Uniquely delicious and healthy nut creations made with unparalleled freshness. We don’t make nuts for the masses, we make nuts especially for you.

Introducing the best-kept
secret in snacking

Why Dry Roast?

We love dry roasting because it doesn’t use any frying or added oils. This traditional roasting method retains the nut’s nutritional value while enhancing taste and aroma. The result? All the good stuff (like healthy fats and flavour) stays, for a well-rounded snack. This is clean body fuel that feels indulgent, but without the added guilt. Taste the difference of authentically roasted nuts.